Meet Our Team!


Mr. Jordan

Lead Counselor

Ms. Nikki

Mr. Jordan began his journey at Emma's House seven years ago. He started off as a volunteer, helping out his aunt, Mrs. Debbie, with everyday duties around the facility. During his journey as a volunteer, Mrs. Debbie saw how he went above and beyond with every task that was given to him. Also, the members of Emma's House loved to have him around. Not long after he was then brought on as a permanent counselor, then eventually was promoted to lead counselor. Mr. Jordan continued to shine and build a strong relationship with every member that was brought. He was involved with day to day activities, as well as starting to help in the back end of the foundation. 


Mrs. Debbie saw the hard work and time Mr. Jordan was putting into Emma's House, and finally decided to have a sit down conversation with the board of directors at Emma's House about bringing him on to a higher title. A vote was taken and Jordan was brought on as the Assistant Director. Jordan still continues to be part of every day involvement with the members of Emma's House. Even as an Assistant Director, he feels it is important to make a personal connection with every singe one of the members. He is currently going to North Lake College, to get his degree to assist special needs kids/ young adults.


If you were to take a tour at Emma's House, please expect Mr. Jordan to greet you with a welcoming smile, and ready to answer all the questions you have.


Ms. Nikki began her journey at Emma's House four years ago. She also started off as a volunteer like Mr. Jordan. She assisted with every day chores, and bonding with members.

Members became quiet fond of Ms. Nikki and loved to have her around.


Mrs. Debbie decided to bring her on as a counselor due to the amount of love she was given by the members. 


Ms. Nikki is now involved with every day operations as lead counselor. She assist with members, helps set up for guest, speaks with parents during pick up sessions and much more.


She loves to spend time getting to know every member and creating a personal bond with them. Ms. Nikki loves to play board games, assist with making meals, doing arts and crafts, and much more. 


You can expect Ms. Nikki to answer the door at Emma's House with a welcoming smile, and ready to bond with your child.